Introduction to Biblical Studies 2 

BIB 5115: Bible and the Ancient Near East

Bernard Revel Graduate School

Fall 2003: B. L. Eichler  

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I.   The Historical Framework

 Mesopotamian History:

 Egyptian History:

 Ancient Near Eastern Chronology:

 Israelite History and Chronology:

II.    Ethno-linguistic Elements


 Hittites and Hurrians:


 Akkadians and Amorites:

 Ugarit and Canaanites:

Phoenicians and Philistines: 

 Arameans, Ammonites, Moabites and Edomites:


Topics for Term Papers

 Paper A. Sites and their contribution to biblical studies:

  1. Mari

  2. Nuzi

  3. Ugarit

  4. El Amarna

  5. Ebla


Entrées in:

Oxford Encyclopedia of Archaeology in the Near East.

Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible

Anchor Bible Dictionary

 Paper B. Texts and their contribution to biblical studies: 

  1. Ancient Near Eastern legal texts 

  2. Ancient Near Eastern wisdom texts 

  3. Ancient Near Eastern love songs

  4. Ancient Near Eastern lamentations

  5. Ancient Near Eastern historical texts

  6. Ancient Near Eastern treaties

  7. Ancient Near Eastern myths and epics

  8. Canaanite and Aramaic inscriptions

  9. Ugaritic texts


Yeshiva University BRGS, Spring 2003, Dr. Barry Eichler

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