Samuel David Luzzatto's 10 Principals For Interpreting Tanach

From the Shadal's Introduction to Sefer Yishayahu (self extracting EXE viewer)

1.  Belief in God as the Creator

2.  Seeing Divine Providence in reward and punishment

3. Miracles occurred and were recognized as God's work

4.  Dedication to the true interpretation, rather than altering it to fit a predetermined worldview.

5.  Transport oneself back to time and place of the text.  Ignore the glory in modern recognition.

6.  Become fluent with Hebrew and ancient Hebrew texts.

7.  Analyze and extract meaning from the cantilations.

8.  Develop (or be born with) a poetic soul in order to understand Biblical poetry.

9.  Understand that the simple meaning of the text may differ from Rabbinic interpretations.

10.  Believe that the holy texts were always maintained faithfully and vigorously.