If you have time, please leave me a note if you listen to the recordings.  I'm curious to know who is listening, and to which tapes.  Thanks!

Rav Menachem Leibtag

Rav Leibtag teaches Tanach all over Eretz Yisrael, and has influenced and initiated countless students towards the study of Tanach.  His on-line Tanach study center can be found at www.tanach.org

"Quality" column refers, of course, to recording quality.  

Title Year Size
Devarim and Magid on Pesach 2002.  Rinat in Teaneck 24 Mb
Did the Avot Keep Mitzvot? 2002 JKHA 13 Mb
The Thematic Approach to Bible Study 2002 JKHA 17 Mb
13 Middot 2003 AABJD  
8/31/03 at Rinat 2003.  Rinat in Teaneck  
Structure of Sefer Vayikra 2004 Chov'vei Conference 21 Mb
False Prophets 2004 Chov'vei Conference 33 Mb
The connection between Kings and the Prophet Isaiah 2005 Chov'vei Conference