Sessions given at for the Mekorot Institute in Toronto

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Major Themes in Isaiah
Title Date
Major Themes in Isaiah Date
Politics and Prophecy, Isaiah Chapter 7 2/13/2007

The Prophecy of Consecration.  First we studied common themes in nevu'ot hakdasha (prophecies of consecration), where the prophets are called to (or volunteers for) duty.  Then we analyzed Isaiah's prophecies of consecration in chapter 6 (Kadosh,Kadosh, Kadosh...), and dealt with some of its difficulties and its major themes.

Section One, Chapters 1-12 (part 1): these chapters are a single unit, as can be seen from recurring themes and phrases that are interwoven in the text.  Chapter 1-2a begins with Hezekiah's time, whereupon chapter 2b returns to the past, Uziyahu's time, and the catastrophic earthquake which initiates Isaiah into prophecy.  We explore the recurring themes, and try to understand the timeline of events, and the cause and effect of sin and consequences. 2/27/2007