If you have time, please leave me a note if you listen to the recordings. 

In March 2002, a Yeshivat Har Etzion Yom Iyun was held at Congregation Kehillat Yeshurun in honor of Rav Lichtenstein's 4th decade at the Gush. Most of the recordings are fairly low in volume, but are generally comprehensible.  Some however, require particular concentration to make out the details.  I'm afraid that the recording of poorest quality is Rav Shachter's interview of Rav Lichtenstein, which is barely intelligible; however, I've included it anyway, for obvious reasons. 

Regarding copyrights: I requested permission from each of the presenters to post his shiur on-line.  The exceptions are Rav Lichtenstein's interview and Rav Moshe Lichtenstein's shiur.  If anybody should know that they would not be happy about their recording being "published" on-line, please let me know, and I'll take the appropriate course of action.  

I left the Yom Iyun in the middle of Rav Moshe's shiur, and my recorder (IBM laptop) left before Rav Itzik Lichtenstein's shiur.  No slight was intended; in fact quite the opposite.  I'm sorry that I missed what was probably an excellent shiur on Kibud Av v'Em, and I'm sorry that I'm not able to put it on-line.  If anyone has a recording of the shiur, I would love to get a copy.



Rav B. Rosensweig - Smicha

Rav Meir Lichtenstein - Mesora (very good audio.  Also, download a source sheet that was handed out for the shiur.  The source sheet is a self-viewing executable.  It is neither a virus, nor does it contain one.)

Rav Shalom Carmy - Tefilla

Rav Lichtenstein - Interview (very poor audio)

Rav Moshe Lichtenstein