Sessions given at the BAYT, Thornhill, ON, Canada

If you have time, please leave me a note if you listen to the recordings.  I'm curious to know who is listening, and to which tapes.  Thanks! 

Title Date
Yishayahu Date
Introduction to Sefer Yishayahu, and to the nature of Nevuah and the prophetic books 8/29/2007
The Scope of the title-verse 09/05/2007

Chapter 1a: recognizing the action/consequence relationship.

Chapter 1b: Description of the Destruction; Temple Service vs.Social Justice. 1/9/2008
Excurses: Blood on the hands - Murder or Judicial Injustice 1/16/2008
Chapter 2a: A few views of the 'End of Days,' Isaiah, Micah, and Yoel 1/30/2008
Chapter 2b: The Hights of God and the Lows of Man 4/2/2008