Assigmnet: Rashi, Unkoles, and Eben Ezra on Bamidbar 21:14-15


Assignment: Gemara focusing on the law that Aidim Zommemim don't get Kofer in an Ox-goring incident.

Kevin, Daniel


Ari, Mat, Ari F., Andy, Barak


Gil, Nathan, Evan, Kevin, Ari F., Matt


Evan, Jon G., Barak K., Ari F., Gil, Kevin


Jon G., Adam, Jon S.


Review the Hitzdiku and Hirshiyu Malkut proof.   Josh F, Nathan, Ari S, Matt, Evan, Gil, Andy


Review the Mishna and Gemara on 2B including the first Minahani Mila, up to, but not including, Bar Pada. People who have done the homework: Nathan, David B., Kevin, Ari F, Yishai, Matt, and Evan.

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